Git Primer

Creating a repository

Make sure you have read the Getting Started section before starting.

1) To start, go to the Certiport GIT Repo.

2) Click on the "Create new repository" button..

Create new repository button

3) Fill in the inputs. The items marked in yellow are the one's you should pay attention to.

  • Name: Use only lowercase, underscores and dashes.
  • Group: This will put your repos in a group with the name you give it. Unfortunately there is no drop down. If you mess up you can change this later.
  • Description: Make this unique and useful so others know what this is for.
  • Teams: This enables who can access this repo. Generally you will select all of them unless you are creating a repos for either yourself or a particular group. All repos are accessible by GIT admins

Create new repository page

Once you have created your repository successfully you will be provided a link where you can go to get the URL to download your repository.

Create repository success