Git Primer

Adding a seed project

1) The seed project you will download depends on the type of project you are creating. Go to the Certiport GIT Repo and under the section, "Hammer Seeds", click on one of the repos, then click "Download".

2) Extract the contents of the repo into your empty repository.

Initial commit

It is recommended at this time to add all files to the GIT repository and commit them. To do this in SourceTree, open SourceTree. A commit does not push your changes to the server. Rather, it creates a local point at which you can revert, restore and reset changes. With GIT, it is encouraged that you make regular local commits for this reason. Each task will often have its own commit as a point of reference. To add files using SourceTree, open up your project. Under unstaged files, add all uncommited / modified files. Add a verbose comment and then click "Commit".

Initial commit