Exam Development

Exam Seed Overview

The exam seed constitutes everything you need to get started building an exam. With it you can...

  • Build Simulation Exams
  • Build Selected Response Exams
  • Deploy to Certiport's LMS
  • Deploy to Pearson Vue's Athena Driver
  • Build custom widgets and helpers used within the exam

You can download the exam-seed project here

Note: If you are following these instructions for learning purposes, you do not need to create a new repository to learn how to use Hammer. If you are using these instructions to get started building an exam, please follow the instructions under the section GIT Primer.


The seed is designed around a workflow that helps you build, deploy and manage your project. The seed contains several files and folders:

folder grunt - Contains the configuration files to perform tasks for compiling packages and builds.
folder mustache - Contains the templates used to generate Selected Response items.
folder package - This is where you store your custom code pertaining to your exam for building widgets and other helper libraries.
folder sandbox - Your development environment for building and testing your exam.
folder setup - Used initially to finalize your setup. It is removed automatically after setup.
folder tests - Used for creating and running Unit Tests and E2E tests for your exam.
insert_drive_file README.md - The README contains a quick setup guide.

The other files in the project root are used to run tasks and installing other Hammer packages, bower components and node modules.

timer Exercise: Setup

Go through the Exam Development to get your environment prepared.