This section will teach you everything you need to know to become an Item and a Package developer. You will learn in greater detail how to use Hammer in creating exams, packages and other tips and tricks in your development.

Most parts will also contain one or more exercises to emphasize what has been taught. Just look for this icon in the page. Exercises are generally at the bottom of the page.


GIT Primer

  • Creating a repository
  • Pulling a repository to your local machine
  • Adding a seed project
  • Committing local changes
  • Pushing changes to repository
  • Exam Development



    Simulation Development

    Selected Response Development

    • Overview (SR Types)
    • Intro to Mustache
    • Prebuilt templates
    • Generating a question
    • Creating custom templates


    • Creating a Score
    • Testing a Score
    • Best Practices
    • Creating an Athena Score

    Grunt Tasks

    • Overview
    • Creating a build
    • Modifying a Grunt config


    • Using the Hammer debugger
    • Using Chrome console window

    Builds & Releases

    • Build Overview
    • Creating a build
    • Releasing to Production

    Package Development

    • Overview
    • Using Exam Package
    • Package Seed Overview
    • Using grunt watch
    • Defining a module with Hummingbird
    • Creating a Widget
    • Creating an Action
    • Using 3rd-Party Libraries
    • Custom styling
    • Documentation
    • Registering a Package
    • Versioning a Package


    Unit Testing

    • Overview
    • Using Jasmine
    • Creating a unit test
    • Testing in the Browser
    • Debugging in the Browser

    E2E Testing